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More Photos and info on the Fire

The site with the most extensive collection of photos (all out of copyright and OK to reproduce) is http://www.circusfire1944.com/
These people have done a phenomenal job of collecting information.

Circus Fire Picture #2

Circus Fire Picture #3

Circus Fire Picture #4

Circus Fire Picture #17

Circus Fire Picture #5

Circus Fire Picture #20

Circus Fire Picture #6


Circus Fire Picture #15

Circus Fire Picture #19

Circus Fire Picture #30

Circus Fire Picture #34

The victims were found burned, piled upon each other, the heat inside the canvas tent so high that reports state it was capable of crematory levels of heat.

The paraffin pouring like water out of the overheated canvas above was liquid flame- and the people trapped inside were difficult to identify at all.

Circus Fire Picture #9

The funerals and burials brought the entire city together in their worst moment.

Circus Fire Picture #62

Circus Fire Picture #63


The Baraboo Wisconsin home of the Circus, Circus World, has a large historical data base of information and photos relating to circus history. The original area where PT Barnum first located outside of NY, this is a collection point for American Historical Circus at it's finest.

Circus Museum

With thousands of vintage circus posters and items, this is also the largest repository of surviving artifacts from the 1944 season for Ringling Brothers.
It includes a miniature of a classic circus layout- which is VERY close to the layout of the tent site on July 6th.
Circus Museum

The Circus Fans of America Site is also full of information and background that will enhance understanding and appreciation of the circus and the fire that changed the way the country views events. Buildings replaced tent shows, and new standards made the canvas sided portable building a thing of the past.
Site includes a photo of survivors attending the memorial service and dedication in 2005.

Circus History . Org is another great site to find information.

LINKS of amazing circus information and history of all kinds.

TIME magizine July 17, 1944

Time Magazine - July 17, 1944 - Page 19

Time Magazine - July 17, 1944 - Page 20

Circus site info on firefighters with pictures.

Circus Fire 1944's Firehouse Mag. layout with pictures of the aftermath of the fire.

Floorplan from Firemen Magazine 1944

Big Top floor plan

GREAT Photos at


Conn. State Library Lists of References

NY Times article about reburial of victim alleged to be identified.



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